• ENQUIRY - This is when an owner first contacts a sitter.  Cat sitters please let owners know whether you’re available to do the cat sitting or not within 24hrs by either pressing ‘Available’ or ‘Decline’

  • PENDING - This is when a booking requires an action from either the cat sitter or the cat owner. This will be to either to confirm a Pre-booking or a price change.

  • AVAILABLE - Once a cat sitter has said they are ‘Available’, owners will then be able to Book & Pay, this will confirm the booking and validate the insurance. Cat owners, if you no longer need the sitters service please Cancel the booking to let them know.

  • BOOKINGS - Here is where you’ll find all your Booked & Paid, current and past bookings.

    • BOOKED - This means your cat sitter is booked, but money will only be taken from your account the day before the cat sitting starts.

    • PAID - Once the money has left the cat owners account, BOOKED changes to PAID. This should automatically happen a day before the sitting starts. If for some reason it has not, please try and press ‘ Book&Pay again or contact Cat in a Flat.

  • DECLINED/CANCELLED - Here is where you’ll find all your declined and cancelled bookings. Please take note of our Cancellation Policy

*Please note that inactive and cancelled bookings will archive after 10 days.  

If you have any further questions please email support@catinaflat.com


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