What does the Cat in a Flat Guarantee cover?

We take great pride in our wonderful community of cat lovers and it’s very unlikely that anything should go wrong during your booking. But in the rare event that it does, Cat in a Flat is here to support you, and that’s why we offer a Cat in a Flat Guarantee complimentary with all Cat in a Flat bookings.

What is covered?

  • The cat owner’s cat(s) in the cat sitter’s care booked and paid through the Cat in a Flat platform. Coverage applies on the dates booked via the Cat in a Flat platform.
  • Vet care for injuries to a Cat Owners cat(s) in the care of a Cat Sitter. Veterinary reimbursement has a maximum limit of £700 per booking and an excess of £150
  • Loss of key replacement should the Cat Sitter not be able to get into a Cat Owners home during a booking. This has a maximum limit of £250 per booking and an excess of £50

The excess fee should be split equally between the cat owner and cat sitter unless it is clear the cat sitter is at fault, the cat sitter will then be responsible for the total excess.


What's not covered?

  • Services booked outside of the Cat in a Flat website or mobile app
  • Coverage only applies on the dates booked via Cat in Flat. The booking must be paid for and confirmed prior to the day of the incident.
  • Damage to personal property of either the cat owner or cat sitter (such as damage to personal items, home and/or vehicles)
  • Any bookings with more than 5 cats
  • Treatment costs for preventive care, or medical or veterinary bills resulting from an illness or a chronic or pre-existing condition
  • Injury or damage within a cat sitters property - cat boarding is not a service we provide
  • Injury to the cat sitter
  • Emotional distress caused as a result of a booking on Cat in a Flat 
  • Fees or costs incurred from cancellation or changes of holiday or travel arrangements as a result of a booking on Cat in a Flat
  • Loss due to intentional or criminal acts, including theft.


To be eligible for the Cat in a Flat Guarantee:

  • The injuries or loss of keys must result from care provided during a service booked and paid for via the Cat in a Flat website or app prior to the incident
  • A Meet & Greet was arranged prior to the booking start date (only required if it's your first booking)
  • Any specific instructions and agreements about the booking must have been put down in writing and shared with the cat sitter before the booking start date. You will need to provide this when making a claim.
  • The user needs to provide evidence of the incident (ie. photos, vet bills) and original receipts.
  • Cat in a Flat must be notified within 24hrs from the incident. Once you have done this, you have 5 days to provide extra information to finalise your claim.
  • Cat owners should seek reimbursement through their own insurance before making a claim.

For all conditions and limitations please contact us

To submit a claim read here.

PS: Did you know our Cat in a Flat Guarantee also covers rabbits and other small pet mammals! 

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