How do I review a cat sitter?

Reviews are a big part of the success of our community. They allow cat owners like you to see genuine feedback on the lovely cat sitters in your area. Not only that, your reviews also help your cat sitter feel good and get more jobs.

How to leave a review

Once your confirmed booking is complete an ‘Add Review’ section will open up within the booking thread. Here you will be able to leave a rating out of 5 Stars followed by a short paragraph.

  • You will be sent an email reminder to review your sitter once your booking is complete. Click on the link in the email to easily find your booking.

  • The review box will close within a few days. If you are too late to review your cat sitter please contact customer service.

  • Please note that only your first name and the start of your postcode will be displayed with the review.

  • Please take note of our review policy here.

All reviews go through an approval process. Please get in touch with us if you would like to apply any changes. We believe in a transparent community and we will always display good and bad reviews of both cat owners and cat sitters.

Not sure how many Stars to give?


Excellent job! The cat sitter went above and beyond the call of duty. Communication was highly professional.


Great job! The cat sitter did exactly what I asked and sent daily photo updates. Communication was very good and friendly.


Good job! My cat was healthy and happy. Communication went well.


Below average. Poor communication from the cat sitter. 


Poor. The cat sitter did not look after my cat with the care it deserves.

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