How much time should I spend with the cat?

The time you spend with your furry client often depends on the kitty's personality. Are they super friendly and cuddly or are they shy and prefer their own space? Are they an indoor cat that likes to play or are they an outdoor explorer?

To make sure there are no misunderstandings, it’s always best to discuss your visiting times with the cat owner during your Meet and Greet.

In general a drop-in visit should never be shorter than 20 minutes as this gives you enough time to check everything is ok, clean and refresh the water and food bowls, tidy the eating area and sort out the cat litter as per the cat owners instructions.

If a cat owner would like you to stay longer than the standard 20 - 40 minutes, then please send them a new quote if you would like to charge a little extra.

With overnight stays, cat sitters usually stay for a 12hr period from 7pm - 7am each day, but again, this should be discussed and agreed with the owner before the booking starts.

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