What services can a cat sitter offer? What do they include?

At Cat in a Flat we believe the cat's welfare comes first and that is why all services should be tailored to the kitty's routines and needs. 

During your Meet & Greet make sure you find out everything you need to know about your new kitty client.

Cat Sitting Services Offered


Daily drop-in service

A daily drop-in visit is when a cat sitter visits a cat owner's home either once or twice a day. In general this will be to do a feed first thing in the morning and again in the evening. Some kitties do have different routines so please be sure to check with the cat owner before accepting the job.

  • The visit is 20-30 min  (depending on how much attention the kitty wants, they are the boss after all)

  • Cat feeding and fresh water / cleaning bowls and surrounding area

  • Cat Litter scooping / cleaning

  • Playing and cuddles

  • Sending daily photo updates

  • More playing and cuddles

  • Watering plants and collecting post if needed

Overnight stays / House sitting (optional) :

Cat sitters can also offer to house sit if it suits their lifestyle. Overnight stays are a great way to get more kitty cuddles and can be beneficial for older cats or kittens who need extra time and attention.

  • The cat sitter will stay overnight in the owner's home

  • Cat feeding and fresh water / cleaning bowls and surrounding area

  • Cat litter scooping / cleaning

  • Playtime and cuddles

  • Daily cat photo updates

  • More playtime and cuddles

  • Watering plants and collecting post if needed

  • Naturally making the home look more lived in while the owner is away.

A cat sitter will not be expected to stay in the house for the full 24 hours, it is usually for a 12 hour period from 7pm - 7am each day (as most cat sitters will need to go to their day jobs during the day).

Services NOT Offered

Home Boarding

Being a cat lover, you will know that cats are safest and happiest in their own home environment. This is why we don’t encourage boarding a cat at the cat sitter's home.

Please also be aware that home boarding is not covered by our Cat in a Flat Guarantee

Happy Cat Sitting!

Thank you for being professional, reliable and following our Code of Conduct.

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