I have CCTV security cameras, do I need to tell the cat sitter?

As a cat owner you have the right to protect your property, but please be aware that depending on which country you live in there are different laws when it comes to disclosure and your pet sitters privacy. Please make sure you follow the recommendations for your region. 

Being a friendly community, Cat in a Flat has a few guidelines intended to:

  • protect the privacy of the cat sitter

  • allow cat owners to continue monitoring their property for security

  • facilitate a trust-based relationship between sitter and owner

Firstly, please inform your cat sitter:

If you have security cameras in or around your home it's important to inform the cat sitter of this while negotiating your booking and during your Meet & Greet. Some cat sitters may not feel comfortable if security cameras are installed. The sooner your cat sitter knows, they can then make an informed decision before the job is confirmed.

Booking a drop-in Cat Sitter

The cat sitter should be told in advance of any internal and external cameras or recording devices.

As long as the cat sitter is aware, these devices can be left on for the duration of your booking.

Booking a House Sitter

Owners should disclose any internal or external alarms, cameras, surveillance or pet monitoring systems, including sound monitoring technology like Alexa, or video doorbells.

Any internal cameras or recording devices should be disabled for the entire duration of the booking.

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