If you notice that the a cat in your care has fleas and you have not been informed by the owner,

please contact the owner immediately. They might have some flea treatement in the house already.

If not, agree with the owner to buy some BIOACTIVATION or Spot-on treatment in the local store or online.

Also suggest to buy HOUSEHOLD SPRAY to use around the cat’s flat and as precaution for yours.

It is quite common for outdoor cats in particular catch fleas from other cats or animals and relatively easy to treat if being rigorous. Nevertheless, avoid contact with carpets or furniture in the house since fleas lay eggs which can attached to your clothes. Keep doing your agreed duty of feeding the cat/s, emptying the litter tray and changing the water, but try to minimise contact with the cats and always wash your hands afterwards thoroughly.

Please also inform support@catinaflat.com in the event this is a recurring case which might need further attention.

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