If your furry friend loves a lot of attention and company then a house sitter may be the perfect companion while you're away.

When booking a house sitter simply tell them what you expect and agree on your requirements.

The general cat and house sitting services include:

  • The cat sitter will stay overnight, giving your kitty extra attention while you're away.
  • Feeding and fresh water
  • Litter scooping / cleaning
  • Playing and cuddles
  • Daily photo updates
  • More playing and cuddles
  • Watering plants and collecting post if needed
  • Naturally your home will look more lived in while you're away as lights will be turned on and off

The sitter will stay at your house, this is usually for a 12hr period from 7pm - 7am each day (as most will need to go to their day jobs during the day)

If you would like them to spend more than just mornings and evenings with your kitty please do discuss it with them, and ask for a quote.

If you have any further questions please contact us on support@catinaflat.com


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