If you are new to the concept of cat sitting, we recommend you to start with our suggested rate which should be below the going rate. This will attract your first clients.

Once you have collected a few reviews you can re-asses your charges. Sitters with a few nice reviews can ask for a bit more money.

Also, if your keep your profile always up-to-date with the latest cats you have been sitting, new potential clients can see how busy you have been, how experienced you are and which area you cover. A mature profile can also justify a slightly higher rate compared to a young profiles with little evidence of cat sitting experience.

Cat owners like booking sitter that have an official Police-Check and are willing to pay more for it. So if you find yourself in a busy area with lots of competition or wanting to charge a higher rate than the other cat sitters near you, consider applying for the Police-Check. You will find more information in your dashboard under Forms and Tips. 

If you have any further questions please email support@catinaflat.com

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