We personally try to get to know all cat sitters who sign-up to Cat in a Flat through a phone call or Skype interview. Sitters have to provide proof of address and we encourage sitters to do an official police check, which will be mentioned in their profile page.

Police checks don't have an official expiry date and it's up to the owner to decide if they accept the sitters it or not. 

UK - Please have a look here for further information.

Ireland - Please have a look here for further information.

*Please note: Cat in a Flat is independent of all its members' businesses and although they registered with us and have agreed to abide by our code of conduct we are not a policing organisation and do not accept any liability for them. Your contract is with your chosen cat sitter and therefore you should make your own enquiries and rely of your own judgment as to their credibility.

If you have any further questions please contact us on support@catinaflat.com