COVID-19 - How does the coronavirus affect cat sitting?

In times of the Covid-19 pandemic, Cat in a Flat community members will be affected by the coronavirus in a number of ways. Questions arise such as: Can I still leave the house to look after the cats? How do I deal with changes in travel planning or the risk of infection? Are animals Covid-19 carriers?


On this page we will answer your concerns and continue to share updated advice and guidelines from the government and authorities 


We are a community of cat lovers and our top priority is the safety of all our members and their beloved pets. During these current circumstances we ask that you take extra care when considering making a booking.


01 What to do when travel plans have been cancelled because of COVID-19?

Cat in a Flat has a fairly lenient
 Cancellation Policy, so as it stands, it will remain the same during this time.


There will either be a 100% or 70% refund depending on how much notice is given for the cancellation. The maximum fee will never be more than £30.

 We are aware that this is an unprecedented situation, however the cancellation fee (minus our small fee) goes to the cat sitters who depend on the additional income, especially in this difficult time.

Cat owners and cat sitters should stay in regular communication, and keep each other as well as Cat in a Flat informed on any new developments regarding their booking.

02 Can I still visit the cat in my care if the government is calling for a lock-down?

As long as you are not ill yourself, it is still fine for you to go and do your cat sitting duties.

Cat sitters are advised to wash hands before and after each visit. Minimise your movement through the house/apartment and only focus on what you are there forFeeding the cat, litter-box cleaning and a bit of playtime. It goes without saying that you should keep these areas as clean as possible.

Please only arrange to return the keys once the cat owner is home safely.


As a Cat in a Flat community member please make sure you have filled out your profile and left a suitable contact number in case of an emergency.


03 What should I do if my cat sitter has been infected with the Coronavirus ?

Given that the coronavirus situation is evolving daily, it is important to make sure you have a plan B which you can rely on if for any reason your cat sitter is unable to visit your cat. It would be advisable to leave a spare key with a friend or neighbour.

 If this is not possible, please
 contact us 

04 If the Government has called for a lockdown, can I still book a cat sitter?

 For the safety of everyone you are strongly advised to abide by your local laws and regulations. 

If you are booking a cat sitter, please follow these suggested precautions:

  1. The cat owner and cat sitter should discuss their personal self-isolation strategies and health. Each party needs to feel comfortable that the other is doing enough to minimise the risk of spreading germs.
  2. The cat sitter should live within walking distance, unless they have their own personal transport.
  3. Try to keep the majority of the meet & greet digital. Cat owners should update their profiles adding clear instructions of what needs to be done. And show the cat sitter where everything is through a video chat.
  4. Leave everything the cat sitter needs in one place to minimise movement around the home. Make sure it is all left clean. Eg. the handle of the poop scoop.
  5. Leave the keys in a safe place for the cat sitter to collect (make sure they are wiped down).
  6. If possible the cat sitter should wear gloves when doing their duties. This would need to be one set of gloves per visit. If this is not possible, the sitter should always wash their hands when entering and leaving the house and wipe down door handles, poop scoop handles and whatever else they come into contact with. Disposable hand wipes would be best.
  7. If the cat owner is living in shared accommodation, ideally they should ask their flatmates to look after the cat. If this is impossible, the cat sitter would need to know their social-distancing strategy so that there is full transparency of movement within the home.

    Please note: All cat sitting jobs booked and completed during a lockdown are done at your own risk. Cat in a Flat does not accept any liability for COVID-19 related instances.

05 Can a cat get sick from the coronavirus and pass it onto humans?

 According to the
 WHO Organisation, there’s no evidence that cats can get ill from coronavirus or pass it to humans. 

However we do recommend to keep the hygiene level very high and to wash hands with soap for 20 seconds after interacting with your pets or cat in care. It’s the pet owners, rather than pets, that have a higher risk of spreading the virus.


IMPORTANT: Please make sure your emergency contact is updated

This is important in case you do start to feel unwell during a cat sit or while you are away, or if you become delayed as a result of the virus.

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