Super simple. Just follow the instructions on our site. In order to get your profile live you need to complete your profile and send us a proof of address. You will also have to connect your bank account in order to receive payments. We offer a quick welcome phone call to get to know you and answer any further questions you may have. We would love to say hi, so request a call :)

Once your profile has been made live, cat owners can contact you. our system will send a notification to your mobile and a copy of the request as an email. Both messages offer you a link into our bespoke communication channel which can also be accessed via your inbox.

Remember only when payment happens through our system will you be insured - so make sure all your clients are aware of this.

As with all self-employed individuals residing in the UK, cat sitters are responsible for complying with their local tax and regulatory framework that applies to self-employment.

If you wish to obtain first-hand and accurate information that relates to your query, we would recommend you check the official governmental website for all matters related to self-employment and taxation.

If you have any further questions please contact us on