For Cat Owners

We offer a super duper cat and cat-sitter insurance included as part of the service. Essentially your cat and the cat sitter are insured for the duration of your booking, so if your kitty suffers any injury or illness due to the cat sitters negligence, we've got you covered.

For Cat Sitters

Cat sitters and the cats are the heart of our community, so we want to make sure you are all well protected and taken care off. We are proud to say that we've managed to develop a pay-as-you-go insurance tailored to your cat sitting needs. This means you only pay for the sittings you do, instead of a monthly fee.

You will be insured for:

  • Care, custody and control per animal up to £ 2,000/cat/small pet mammal, excess £175

  • Accidental Damage within the property of the Cat Owner up to £1000 , excess £250

  • Loss of Keys up to £250, excess £50

PLEASE NOTE: That in order for the insurance to be valid, all bookings and payments must happen through Cat in a Flat

Ps. Did you know our insurance also covers rabbits and other small pet mammals! 

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